Saturday, November 16th, 2013
9 a.m.- 4: 30 p.m.
Comfort Hotel, 88 Chain Lake Drive, Bayers Lake Park, Halifax

We are happy to be holding our 4th conference and our special presenter at this event is Enrique Feldman!

EnriqueFeldman lrg

With over 25 years experience as an educator, author and 2-time Grammy Nominated Composer and Artist, Enrique currently directs the national non profit education organization, the F.A.M.E. Foundation (Fostering Arts-Mind Education). Enrique offers multiple services, including:

Early Childhood - Grade 12 Professional Development related to Arts Integration
Author Events: Most recent published book is "Living Like a Child" by Redleaf Press
Film Composer: Most recent film in theaters was Gun Hill Road,
Music Production: Most recent album is "A Cowboy Operetta"
Public Speaking with the Point of View of "Living Like a Child" (How to engage a sense of wonder, risk and elevated energy in any professional setting).

Enrique presents for:
F.A.M.E. Foundation (
Arts Integration Solutions (

His music for early learning, strategies and brain game videos can be found online at:

His monthly blog, which releases on the 5th of every month is online at:

His recent book, "Living Like a Child" is available online at

His soon to be released new film composition website is at

Enrique's educational focus is to help teachers elevate their educational practice by learning how to use different Art Forms and connecting them organically to academic and social-emotional growth. The scope of his work is from Early Childhood through Adult, with a focus on early childhood - Grade 5.

5.75 Hours of Training Credits

This conference counts for 5.75 hours of professional development and certificates will be given at the end of the event.


Early Bird Registration:
$97.75 (HST inc.) per person up until October 15th, 2013.
After that date the fee then becomes $126.50 (HST inc.) per person



Conference Schedule

Workshops Taking Place that Day!

Living Like a Child

Experience the perspective of living through the lens of a child and in doing so; rekindle the sense of discovery and risk to explore new ideas as an adult.

Music for Learning Environments
(Art Form: Music; Academic Connection: Cognition,Emotional Intelligence, and Social-Emotional Development)

Learn how to harness the emotional and cognitive power of music. Participants will leave with a working knowledge of what kinds of music produce certain behaviors, how to use music while reading to children, and how to use music for increased focus and inner peace.

Visual Literacy and Critical Thinking
(Art Form: Visual Arts; Academic Connection: Language Arts)

Explore an adult strategy of reconstructing the story sequence of an adult picture book and what kinds of clues/evidence you have to use to look for repeating themes, patterns and sequence. Participants will then be able to take this strategy and use it with young children. Learn what "Visual Literacy" is and how it helps shape our life experiences.