Saturday, January 2nd, 2012
9 a.m.- 4: 30 p.m.
Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU), at the Seton Centre's Auditorium.

We are happy to be holding our 2nd conference and our special presenters at this event are Bev Boss and Michael Leeman!


Bev Bos

Internationally renowned presenter and a foremost expert on young children.


Michael Leeman

A talented teacher and musician who has co-presented with Bev Bos for many years.

5.75 Hours of Training Credits

This conference counts for 5.75 hours of professional development and certificates will be given at the end of the event.

Bring a Photo

Bev has requested that you bring one item with you:
an old photo that has some connections to your childhood.


Early Bird Registration:
$86.25 (HST inc.) per person up until December 15th, 2011.
After that date the fee then becomes $115 (HST inc.) per person



Conference Schedule

Workshops Taking Place that Day!

Expanding Your Horizons

This presentation is a personal growth workshop for parents and educators that examines how our work with children is affected by our own childhoods and level of self-awareness. Bev will present her Conditions for Growing Wiser and offers evidence of the connection they have to and importance of real play.

Coping with Difficulties

In this presentation we discuss children's fears from a developmental approach. The primary focus is children's understanding of death and dying. To best help children during hard times we must first understand children's concept of death and dying as well as the stages of acceptance. The importance of songs and stories and they enable us to "keep company" with children during difficult times will be discussed.

Creative Art, Music, Language, Memories & Traditions

The focus of this workshop is what it means to be creative and how the environments we provide for children either encourage of discourage children's natural inclinations to explore and create. It touches upon the importance of tradition and examines the sustaining value of childhood memories. A focus of the workshop is the role teachers play in establishing environments where children have the opportunity to create memories that will sustain them for the rest of their lives. Discussed will be how to "hang on" to traditions and how to recognize the roadblocks to establishing and maintaining traditions. The workshop format includes music, storytelling, towel and hankie folding stories, and the opportunity for participants to examine and share significant memories and traditions from their childhood and families.