Friday March 4th for ADMINISTRATORS
Saturday March 5th for all ECEs!

We are holding our 7th conference and our special presenter at this 2 day event is Dan Hodgins!

IMG 5087The workshops are all ones he has never done here in Nova Scotia!!!

Dan Hodgins is an exceptional, internationally renowned presenter and author of many articles on child development.  He has authored 2 books titled Boys:  Changing the Classroom, Not the Child and GET OVER IT, Relearning Guidance Practices.  His 3rd book is almost done!!!   He has a podcast called Shakin’ Bones launching this February and his Facebook Page Invitations to Learning is much appreciated.  

As a consultant, Dan works with educators, parents and other professionals, helping them to understand research based theory and how to adapt curriculum and environments that support the continued development of children and families.  He has a unique grasp of children and family issues learned from over 30 years of experience working as a teacher, director, educator and parent in both the private and public sector.  Much of his work involved children at risk; special needs populations and families with diverse challenges.  Dan’s interactive style is both informative and entertaining.  His insightful presentations are based on current research and filled with practical and effective strategies that can be used immediately.

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The Weekend's Events

Friday’s Admin Itinerary is:  

Saturday’s ECE Itinerary is: