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Saturday, March 22, 2014
9 a.m. – 4: 30 p.m.
Bella Rose Arts Centre, 283 Thomas Raddall Drive, Halifax, N.S.

We are SO EXCITED to be holding our 6th conference and our special presenter at this event is LENORE SKENAZY, “America’s Worst Mom” (GOOGLE IT)!

lenore-skenazyLenore Skenazy is America’s Worst Mom (Google it!). The New York City columnist-turned-”Bubble Wrap Kids”-TV-show host got that title after letting her 9-year-old son take the subway, alone. In response to the media blowback, she founded the book and blog, “Free-Range Kids,” which launched the anti-helicopter parenting movement. Her feisty belief that our kids are safer and smarter than
our culture gives them credit for has landed her on talk shows from Dr. Phil to The View. This spring she comes to Halifax to talk to Maritimers about how our society got so worried about every aspect
of childhood, and how to fight the culture of fear. Her goal? Happy, confident parents, kids -- and teachers! Author of the book, blog and Twitter feed, Free-Range Kids Host of Discovery/TLC Int’l show, “World’s Worst Mom” (the title is ironic!).

BROCHURE         Eventbrite - Bubble Wrap Begone!  Starting Out Kids Free Range

Workshops Taking Place that Day!

Free-Range Kids: Why Does An Old Fashioned Childhood Sound So Radical?

TIME: 1 hour 30 minutes.

This is Lenore’s major topic! Where she looks at the four things making us so much more afraid than our own parents were. All of these have accustomed us to what she calls “Worst-First Thinking”. It’s the culture that has given us baby knee pads and a rubber duck that tells parents if the baby’s bath is too if they couldn’t figure that out for themselves. It is a presentation that is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! SERIOUSLY! Whether you are a parent or teacher or a wanna-be parent or an aunt or a grandparent… Don’t miss it!

How to Make a Perfect Kid

TIME: 1 hour 15 minutes.

Here, Lenore takes a more granular look at the belief that if we just work hard enough, gather enough information, buy the right toys/devices/books and pay heaps of attention, we can GUARANTEE a kid is perfect. We seem to be fed the notion that kids are lumps of clay that can be expertly molded by us. Another absolute NOT TO BE MISSED SESSION!!!! Parents seem to be under so much pressure to enable children’s early and earlier successes!

“Lessons from Bubble-Wrap Kids”

TIME: 1 hour.

Lenore presents “case studies” from her Slice show, Bubble Wrap Kids, which involved helping very nervous parents let go. Taking parents from fearful to Free-Range turned out to be quite an adventure and FAR EASIER and FASTER than she ever would have guessed before she did the show. Seminar participants can learn how to do it, too! Together we build a simple plan for helping parents give their kids back their freedom.

Things Change (and That’s Good)

TIME: 45 minutes.

This is a reminder that the child-rearing and school-teaching truths we hold to be self-evident are always changing, so there’s no need to be rigid. We’ll make a list of “social norms” from 20 years ago and compare them to things today that would have seemed bizarre a generation or two ago.

Go Out and Play!

TIME: 1 hour.

Free-play is nature’s super vitamin. It helps kids develop all the qualities we want to see in them: Creativity, communication, compromise, problem-solving and even “executive function” -- otherwise known as selfcontrol. In play they willingly practice things like waiting their turn and being fair because they are so motivated -- motivated to play some more! They want to keep having fun, so they learn to play by the rules, literally and figuratively. This lecture explains the value of free play, why Mother Nature made it such a driving force, and how we subvert it at our peril. We end this session talking about how to make sure kids have both free time and free play in their busy lives.

Eventbrite - Bubble Wrap Begone!  Starting Out Kids Free Range